Sunday, February 21, 2010

Instructors Training in Ukraine: 15-18 Feb, 2010

Back row left to right: Natalia Konovalenko (Kiev), Viktoria Nydosik (Krivoj Rog), Nadezhda Olijnik (Vinnitsa), Tatjana Klester (Russia), Anzhela Vlas (Moldova), Inna Trooshevskaya (Lvov). Front row: Irina Zamostinchuk (Global Educator, Moldova), Oksana Kolyshevskaya (Poltava), Irina Valueva (Kremenchug), Iryna Giblett, Margarita Morgun (Sumy). Yulia Stadnik (Kiev) was not available for the photo.

So much has happened in my life and career since I moved from Ukraine in 2006 and married Bob that it's been difficult at times to absorb it all. The last year especially has been a whirl as we traveled to so many countries and worked so hard to develop our products. But this week, giving an Instructors training class to 10 nail techs who want to be our school partners in Ukraine and sell our products in my home country, suddenly made me realize what enormous changes have occurred. None of this could have happened without the help of wonderful teachers who helped me to develop my skills and the friends who guided us and provided encouragement.

Nail techs from Russia, Ukraine and Moldova gave up their time and traveled in some cases for 24 hours by train to come to the class. Many of the girls already owned successful schools, some had also won national competitions - all were highly experienced.

The main objective of an instructors class is two-fold; to teach them how to teach new nail techs using your products and using application techniques, and then to examine them both practically and theoretically for their competence. But it's also a time for team-building, to make some fun and to also take private time with each person so that you can understand the needs and wishes of your future partners and also so that they can understand who you are and what expectations you have.

Developing a close personal relationship is especially important for us - Bob and I want to attract (and have been lucky to attract) exceptional people. Many exceptional people get lost in bigger organizations - but we want to promote our Instructors as the very talented individuals they are and to help them achieve greater success and reputation in the future.

It was a wonderful week. We came together as near strangers having only communicated by email or a few phone calls and left as good friends, excited about working together. Everyone graduated as Instructors, we took photographs and drank champagne - this has been a week I will never forget.

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