Saturday, January 30, 2010

Russian version of ImagiNAILtion magazine

We have created a Russian version of the ImagiNAILtion educational nail art magazine! After showing the English magazine at shows in Russia, Latvia and Ukraine we received many requests from nail techs who wanted to buy it - so it became clear there was demand for this type of information.

The magazine will be launched at the InterCHARM exhibition in February.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Instructors training in Sweden

The first instructors training for the Iryna Giblett nail products took place from the 17th to 21st January in Vaxholm, just outside Stockholm. On the 22nd and 23rd we continued with nail art education in hand painting, and then from the 24th to 26th we did 3d acrylic nail art - the nail art extension to the class being part of a two year program to train our instructors to the highest levels.

Eight nail techs attended the training, with Bethanne coming all the way from Edmonton in Canada and Dawn from Scotland.

For the training we rented a "Vandrarhem" - a type of Swedish youth hostel. Located a few km outside Vaxholm deep in the forest with snow all around it was a lovely calm location to focus on nails. Bob brought regular supplies of red wine and goodies to keep the girls happy during the evenings ;-) . On the last night we enjoyed a meal in a pub overlooking Vaxholm harbour.

Left to right back row: Bethanne O'Neill (Canada), Ingrid Beckman (Jönköping), Carina Högnelid (Luleå), Jeanette Jensen (Solna), Lina Nyberg (Stockholm). Front row: Dawn McRoberts (Scotland), Iryna Giblett, Tanya Hincheva (Stockholm). Sushi - Tanya's dog was the class mascot!!