Saturday, December 13, 2014

New IKON.iQ Revolution Colour Gels / Gel Paints

New IKON.iQ Revolution Colour Gels / Gel Paints
Why buy two products when one will be enough? That was the thinking when we set out to create the ultimate colour gels. Before we create any new IKON.iQ product we research, research and research. What can we do better? What is missing? How can we improve the users experience? Our goal is to create products which exceed the capabilities of any product of the same type in the market today - we have absolutely no interest in creating "me-too" products.

We talked to our Educators - all expert Nail Technicians, many are competition champions - and we compiled a list of the common features of coloured gels and gel paints:

  • Many coloured gels and gel paints require two layers to get good colour depth
  • Nearly all have a dispersion layer that needs wiping
  • Many coloured gels are rather thick - good for full cover reliability. 
  • Gel paints have lower viscosity making them more suitable for fine detail nail art, but not can be compete on reliability with traditional colour gels
  • Curing times are typically 2 minutes for full cover and 60 seconds using gel paints - when creating a nail art design, that's too long a time to wait between adding new design elements or colours!
  • Few products cure in a LED-UV lamp

So our design goals were set:

  • Must be highly pigmented so that it covers the nail in one gel layer
  • Must not create a dispersion layer - let's save time and money by not wiping!
  • A viscosity that allows the gels to be used as gel paints - one product two uses!
  • 30 seconds cure time in a traditional 36W UV lamp and 15 seconds in a LED-UV lamp - saves up to 10 minutes per customer!  (the price of one gel colour is paid back with the first service!)
  • 3 seconds cure time in a LED-UV lamp when painting nail art - let that creativity flow!

All these design goals were achieved - hence the name IKON.iQ Revolution. These new colour gels are a real revolution - nothing else compares in the market today. This is the future!

All designs below were created only using the IKON.iQ Revolution colour gels.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Nailympia competition - the biggest and best!

Judges: Tom Bachik, Vicki Peters, Iryna Giblett, David Fowler, Stefanie LoRe
and non-judge Bob Giblett

The 10th anniversary of the Nailympia Competition attracted competitors from 32 countries, taking 654 seats across 11 categories. That is a massive increase on 400+ competitors the previous year and makes Nailympia the biggest nail competition in Europe, and far larger than competitions in the USA. 

For information about Nailympia 2015, see here:

Monday, July 14, 2014

IKON.iQ Ultimate Acrylic System

IKON.iQ Ultimate Acrylic System 
Uses a totally new manufacturing technique that produces the smallest polymer granules. The advantage of this is that the monomer is absorbed more evenly and it produces a super creamy acrylic ball that that delivers superb sculpting control. There are four colours: Crystal Clear, Perfect Pink, Cover Pink*** (camouflage polymer) and Champion White (the white and clear can be mixed to create a more natural white if required). The Clear is like glass, the pinks are very natural looking and the White is the brightest white we have seen.

Key features:
  • Supplied in 22g jars (other sizes to follow in the future)
  • Easy to apply, super sculpting control, no bubbles, does not yellow
  • Polymerisation time is a little quicker than the KUDOS acrylics, but not too fast for students
  • Easy to file
  • Low odour monomer

Competition nails created with the IKON.iQ Ultimate acrylic system

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Judging at Nailympia London, September 2014

This will be the 10th year anniversary for the Nailympia competitions (previously called Nailympics). Without doubt, these are the biggest and most presigious nail competitions in Europe that attracts the best competitors from more than 20 countries including Russia, USA, Korea.

One of the reasons for the success of Nailympia is that it attracts some of the best international competition judges, so competitors who have invested in the entry fees, travel and hotel costs, and worked for months to perfect their techniques, know that they will be honestly judged by the best. 

As before, Iryna will be judging the nail art competitions. It's always an honour to be invited and she is looking forward to see some great work and to meet old nail friends. 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

New IKON.iQ Sculpting Gels : low heat in UV lamp, no pinching required, white gel applied in one layer!

IKON.iQ ONE One-Phase Gel
Developed due to customer requests in Germany, IKON.iQ ONE is a medium viscosity clear one-phase (base, builder and top) gel. Since the product launch in May, it’s become one of our best selling products.

Key features:

  • Medium viscosity that doesn’t run into the sidewalls of the nail.
  • Very clear look, not cloudy
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Low allergy risk ingredients
  • Competitive price for exceptional value when comparing both quality and performance 

IKON.iQ Ultimate Sculpting Gels
Unique to Iryna Giblett, the IKON.iQ Ultimate sculpting gels offer a performance that is unmatched by any other gel in the market today. Developed by our chemist and a team of Educators who have won more than 60 international competitions medals, the Ultimate gels were then extensively tested in our network of salons, Academies and at several top competitions - including Nailympics 2012 where our team won six Gold medals. 

There are six colours: Cool Clear, Neutral Pink, Cover Pink** (camouflage gel), Cover Pink*** (camouflage gel), Pure White and Champion White.

Key features:
  • Cool when curing in the UV lamp
  • Easy and precise application
  • White gels can be applied in one layer with great colour depth and no shadows
  • Champion White is we believe the brightest white gel on the market
  • No-pinch technology: it’s possible to create up to 50% c-curves without pinching. 
  • Excellent adhesion. One Nail Technician in Germany tried 16 different gels to try to find a solution for a problem client. The IKON.iQ gels were the only solution that worked without lifting.
  • Low allergy risk ingredients (hypoallergenic). Used by Nail Technicians that have developed allergies to other gel products. 

    Wednesday, February 12, 2014

    New Iryna Giblett office opens in Germany

    New Iryna Giblett office opens in Germany
    February 10, 2014 - Iryna Giblett Deutschland GmbH opened for business in Aachen, a located close to the borders of the Netherlands and Belgium. This new company is a subsidiary of Iryna Giblett AB which started in Sweden in 2009, and will be responsible for product sales and education both in Germany and nearby countries.

    Aachen is both a university and spa town. RWTH is one of the top engineering universities in Germany and this has attracted many foreign companies which collaborate on research projects with the university. The Aachen Dom (cathedral) built by Emperor Charlemagne, was also the location where many German kings were coronated. 

    Wednesday, October 9, 2013

    Instructors training Germany - 25/11/2013 to 29/11/2013

    Iryna Giblett Competition Team takes 6 Gold medals at Nailympics 2012.
    Left to right:Lina Nyberg, Iryna Giblett, Lysa Comfort (Organizer and Head Judge), Viktoria Prihodko 
    and Katie Cazorla who is the star of the "Nail Files" TV reality show in USA.

    Liebe Freunde des Nageldesigns,
    in den letzten Monaten habe ich Ihnen einige Nageldesign Beispiele gezeigt, die von den Trainern der Iryna Giblett Nail Academy kreiert wurden. 
    Diese Trainer sowie Nailympics Champions sind: Viktoria Prihodoko, Viktoria Kisel, Anna Pobedinskaya, Iryna Giblett und außerdem noch die russische One-Stroke-Meisterin Yana Shistko. 
    Diese Ausbilder sowie alle in unserem internationalen Team haben mit harter Arbeit, Talent und Hingabe, seit 2009 mehr als 60 internationale Meisterschafts-medallien gewonnen. Davon waren 2012 alleine schon 8 Gold Medaillen bei der Nailympics.
    Mehr denn je braucht die Nagelindustrie sehr gute Lehrer, die Nageldesigner auf ein höheres Niveau bringen um über Billig Studios zu stehen, mehr Geld zu verdienen sowie das Ansehen als Naildesigner zu erhalten – vergessen Sie nicht, das wichtigste Aushängeschild ist nicht das Produkt, sondern Sie!
    Da wir die Notwendigkeit für eine sehr gute Bildung erkannt haben, wurde im Jahr 2009 die Iryna Giblett NA gegründet.
    Heute sind wir - durch Irynas Erfahrung als Nageldesignerin, Trainerin und Jurorin auf internationalen Meisterschaften sowie unserem Team von exzeptionellen Trainern - einer der wenigen Unternehmen in Europa die dazu in der Lage sind auf Meisterschaftsniveau in jeder Technik und Kategorie zu schulen. 
    Wir möchten nun unser Wissen nach Deutschland und in die Niederlande bringen. Deswegen suchen wir nun Nageldesigner, die gerne Ausbilder in unserem Team werden möchten.

    Dafür müssen Sie keine Meisterschaften bestritten haben :-) Voraussetzung ist jedoch eine 3-jährige Berufserfahrung als Nageldesigner sowie der  Nachweis von Zertifikaten in Gel und Acryl. Außerdem sollten Sie eine Leidenschaft für Nageldesign haben, das Verlangen Ihre Handwerk zu verbessern und motiviert sein anderen Nageldesignern zu helfen Ihr volles Potenzial zu entwickeln und auszuschöpfen.

    Dieses Ausbilder-Training ist nur der Anfang. In den folgenden Monaten und Jahren werden wir  Ihnen eine sehr intensive Ausbildung bieten, um Ihre Fähigkeiten weiter zu entwickeln und auf den höchsten Standard zu bringen. Wie weit Sie gehen wollen entscheiden Sie natürlich dabei selbst.
    Als Unternehmen haben wir jedoch einige Prinzipien:
    • Wir arbeiten als Team und teilen unser Wissen.
    • Niemand steht über dem Anderen.
    • Gleiches Recht für alle

    Da uns die Harmonie des Teams sehr am Herzen liegt, sind wir sehr vorsichtig wen wir  dazu einladen, ein Teil dessen zu werden und unser Unternehmen, unsere Trainings und unsere Produkte zu repräsentieren.
    Sollten Sie Interesse an unserer Firma und dem Ausbilder-Training haben senden Sie uns doch eine E-Mail mit folgenden Informationen:
    • Name, Adresse, Handynummer, Homepage (falls vorhanden), Facebook Seite (falls vorhanden) und Skype Adresse (falls vorhanden)
    • eine Zusammenfassung Ihrer Weiterbildungen, Karriere, Zertifikaten und wann Sie als Nageldesigner begonnen haben
    • und warum Sie Ausbilder werden wollen.

    Vielen Dank fürs Ihr Interesse und fürs Lesen. Wir freuen uns jetzt schon auf Ihre E-Mail!
    Bitte schicken Sie diese an folgende E-Mail Adresse:
    Iryna & Bob Giblett
    Iryna Giblett AB

    Skype: iryna_giblett