Thursday, February 25, 2010

See us at Beauty International, Düsseldorf: March 26-28!

Beauty International show is held each year in Düsseldorf, Germany. It's one of the largest beauty shows in Europe and has one entire hall just for professional nail products! For the first time, we will be exhibiting at the show and will launch our Iryna Giblett professional nail products in Germany.

The show is also home to the prestigious World Nail Championships where national champions from many countries come to compete for the ultimate prizes in L&P and Gel.

Irina Zamostinchuk our Global Educator from Moldova will be demonstrating some wonderful nail art on our booth. Irina is winner of two 1st prizes in mixed-media and 3D nail art, and won 3rd place in the Master-of-Master competitions in Russia last year. She has also won several national competitions.

For more information on the products we will offer, please visit

We will also be launching the new German version of our ImagiNAILtion magazine and will offer this at a special show price:

We hope to see you there!

Iryna, Bob and Irina x

Monday, February 22, 2010

A dream cruise and 100% free international nail education!

Starting in romantic Venice on May 2nd, this 9-day cruise visits the beautiful Greek islands and promises sun, relaxation and wonderful sights! In addition, there are 13 International Master Classes so that you can improve your technique and learn totally new skills - these are included in the cruise price.

The nail cruise is filling up fast, but some places are still available. However, you must book by March 15!

For more information and booking, see

Sunday, February 21, 2010

First Nail Products to Include Hologram Labels

Stockholm, Sweden - 21st February 2010. It's a sad fact that product counterfeiting is a massive and illegal worldwide business. While most of us have experienced being offered DVD's and CD's at unrealistic prices, counterfeiters are usually highly professional gangs capable of copying most products. In the beauty industry counterfeiters have targeted cosmetics and perfumes for many years.

Rather than wait for the inevitable to happen, we have decided to take steps to protect our clients and give them the total confidence that they are purchasing and using genuine Iryna Giblett professional nail products.

From March 1, all Kudos (TM) gels and acrylics will include a hologram label on the container - the first of it's type from any nail product manufacturer. The label is manufactured with the highest available resolution and 3D technology unique to our supplier. A further level of protection is assured by registering our hologram image in an international database. Each label measures 25 mm by 15 mm (1" x 0.6") and also has a tamper-proof design so the label is damaged on attempted removal.

As a further step to maintain the integrity of our education system, all educational certificates issued by our company or school partners will also contain the hologram label with a central database maintained at our head office in Stockholm. Existing holders of certificates may return these for the label to be attached at no cost.

1920's Flapper Nails

These nails were inspired and created together with my good friend and our Global Educator Irina Zamostinchuk who was visiting us from Moldova.

We decided on a 1920's theme and one of the most recognizable images from the "Roaring Twenties" time were the so-called Flapper Girls - a new breed of liberated women who liked listening to jazz, drove automobiles and lived life to the full.

Because music was so important to them, we hand painted piano keys and musical scores on the nails. We each made a hand!

Our model and talented makeup artist Frida K completed the image captured by Bob.

Instructors Training in Ukraine: 15-18 Feb, 2010

Back row left to right: Natalia Konovalenko (Kiev), Viktoria Nydosik (Krivoj Rog), Nadezhda Olijnik (Vinnitsa), Tatjana Klester (Russia), Anzhela Vlas (Moldova), Inna Trooshevskaya (Lvov). Front row: Irina Zamostinchuk (Global Educator, Moldova), Oksana Kolyshevskaya (Poltava), Irina Valueva (Kremenchug), Iryna Giblett, Margarita Morgun (Sumy). Yulia Stadnik (Kiev) was not available for the photo.

So much has happened in my life and career since I moved from Ukraine in 2006 and married Bob that it's been difficult at times to absorb it all. The last year especially has been a whirl as we traveled to so many countries and worked so hard to develop our products. But this week, giving an Instructors training class to 10 nail techs who want to be our school partners in Ukraine and sell our products in my home country, suddenly made me realize what enormous changes have occurred. None of this could have happened without the help of wonderful teachers who helped me to develop my skills and the friends who guided us and provided encouragement.

Nail techs from Russia, Ukraine and Moldova gave up their time and traveled in some cases for 24 hours by train to come to the class. Many of the girls already owned successful schools, some had also won national competitions - all were highly experienced.

The main objective of an instructors class is two-fold; to teach them how to teach new nail techs using your products and using application techniques, and then to examine them both practically and theoretically for their competence. But it's also a time for team-building, to make some fun and to also take private time with each person so that you can understand the needs and wishes of your future partners and also so that they can understand who you are and what expectations you have.

Developing a close personal relationship is especially important for us - Bob and I want to attract (and have been lucky to attract) exceptional people. Many exceptional people get lost in bigger organizations - but we want to promote our Instructors as the very talented individuals they are and to help them achieve greater success and reputation in the future.

It was a wonderful week. We came together as near strangers having only communicated by email or a few phone calls and left as good friends, excited about working together. Everyone graduated as Instructors, we took photographs and drank champagne - this has been a week I will never forget.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

InterCHARM Show: 10-12 Feb. Kiev, Ukraine

InterCHARM runs from the 10 to 12th February and is the largest beauty show in Ukraine. It also plays host to the National nail competitions whose winners take part in the World Championships in Germany at the end of March. The last time I helped judge was in 2006, the same year that I moved to Sweden, so I was very happy to be invited back to help this year and see old friends. In addition to the judging, I also invited to be one of the educators and made a one hour class on 3D Gel application and design.

Meanwhile, Bob, our colleague Natasha, Irina Zamostinchuk our Global Educator and partner from Moldova and my Mum worked on our booth. Irina gave many nail art demonstrations while Bob, Natasha and Mum were kept busy serving customers with our products and the ImagiNAILtion magazine.

Despite the snow, the show was busy. Nail techs in Ukraine are always hungry for new information, techniques and ideas - so the weather won't keep them away! This year we created a special brochure for the show that described our upcoming and extensive educational program in Ukraine that included information on our educators. We initially printed 1000 of these, but had to get more printed late on the second day - so people seem to be interested.

During the three days we also received inquiries from several schools who are interested to join our team. So overall, it was another good show in Ukraine for us.

There were three halls this size.

We were busy from 10.00 to 6.00 each day.

Global Educator Irina Zamostinchuk wowed the Ukrainian nail techs with her nail art and techniques

Ukraine national nail championships. Winners compete in World Championships in Germany, end March.

Competition judges. My 5th year as a judge. Hope I am invited back! ;-)

Some winning nails.