Friday, April 6, 2012

InterCHARM Beauty Show, Ukraine, 2012

Every year since we started Iryna Giblett Ukraine, the company has attended the country's biggest beauty show called InterCHARM that is held in Kiev. And each year our booths become a little larger, so that now we are one of the biggest exhibitors in the professional nail area;-)

More than 50,000 visitors came to InterCHARM despite the hard economy. Bargains were to be found and many exhibitors brought out their top educators to demonstrate their skills!

For the first time our booth was custom designed and we were very happy with the response. Sales increased by more than 120% during the show.

We would like to thank our colleagues for traveling to Kiev from Russia and Moldovia, as well as many cities in Ukraine; for your hard work and the friendly professionalism you showed to customers during those 10 hour days. As always it is a pleasure to work with you in our team!

Victoria Kissel, Jana Golembiovska, Sergey Eevtushenko, Natalyia Oleinik, Inna Spivak,
Bob Giblett, Iryna Giblett, Viktoria Evtushenko, Irina Zamostinchuk, Marina Viletskaya,
Galina Maisyuk and Jana Shistko (not in photo).