Sunday, October 24, 2010

2nd Instructors Class in Kiev 2010

Inna Spivak, Viktoria Evtushenko, Oksana Perekodnik, Irina Ivchuk, Tatjana
Chernysheva, Natalja Garna, Viktoria Polyashenko, Iryna Giblett, Natalja Belousova,
Viktoria Nydosik (Master Artist Educator), Oksana Veremchuk, Natalja Dehtyarenko

Nail technicians from Ukraine and Russia attended the latest Instructors education at the Iryna Giblett Nail Academy in Kiev, Ukraine.

After five days of intensive education, each student undertook a comprehensive practical and theoretical examination that was judged by Iryna together with course leader and Master Artist Educator, Viktoria Nydosik (front row, second from right).

Everyone passed both examination with high marks, and they were delighted to receive their diploma's. After the award ceremony (which included the tradition of champagne and cake) the girls presented Iryna and Viktoria with gifts of flowers and chocolates!

The addition of these new Instructors brings the total number of schools within the Iryna Giblett Nail Academy to 31 schools in nine countries since January 2010.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fantasy Forms

I love these forms! They are a new idea from Arabella and come in 10 nail sizes, with 20 in each packet. You can use them to create your own nail tips for mixed-media competitions - like you can see in the inset photo, or you can make small acrylic details on them in advance to add to a customers nails to save time.

The forms are made of some kind of plastic so the acrylic doesn't stick. You simply lift peel the created tip away from the form. I've had mine for about a year and they still work perfectly.

The price of the tips is $26.90 which includes worldwide postage. You can buy them from our little webshop at the link below:

Keep on practising....

Since we started Iryna Giblett Inc and developed our own professional nail products, Bob and I have been traveling so much that I've had to give up my salon work. I miss the clients, especially the customers who wanted nail art, but it all became too stressful trying to juggle everything.

Still I love making nails and I think it's important that I keep developing my skills, so other nail techs and our Educators see that I'm trying to lead by example and can understand why our products are the quality they are.

So the work above is my latest practice piece. It's mixed-media, with most of the figures created with acrylic and embedded. The external details are the tree, horses wing, girl and fairy's hair and the fairy's wing.

Some of the smallest details were painted with acrylic paint, but very little. The fairy and girls hair were made with our new InpirationZ metallic acrylic powders and as you can see in the photo, they've caught the light beautifully!

I'm already working on my next piece. But Shhhhh! Tell you more later!

Read more about our nail art products here:

ImagiNAILtion nail art magazine, latest issue.

It's out! ImagiNAILtion 3&4 is a 64-page double issue containing 23 nail art step-by-step tutorials from some of the best nail artists. Visit the website for more information: