Sunday, February 21, 2010

First Nail Products to Include Hologram Labels

Stockholm, Sweden - 21st February 2010. It's a sad fact that product counterfeiting is a massive and illegal worldwide business. While most of us have experienced being offered DVD's and CD's at unrealistic prices, counterfeiters are usually highly professional gangs capable of copying most products. In the beauty industry counterfeiters have targeted cosmetics and perfumes for many years.

Rather than wait for the inevitable to happen, we have decided to take steps to protect our clients and give them the total confidence that they are purchasing and using genuine Iryna Giblett professional nail products.

From March 1, all Kudos (TM) gels and acrylics will include a hologram label on the container - the first of it's type from any nail product manufacturer. The label is manufactured with the highest available resolution and 3D technology unique to our supplier. A further level of protection is assured by registering our hologram image in an international database. Each label measures 25 mm by 15 mm (1" x 0.6") and also has a tamper-proof design so the label is damaged on attempted removal.

As a further step to maintain the integrity of our education system, all educational certificates issued by our company or school partners will also contain the hologram label with a central database maintained at our head office in Stockholm. Existing holders of certificates may return these for the label to be attached at no cost.

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