Thursday, December 17, 2009

More photo's with Frida

We spend some time in the Bob's photo studio today together with our beautiful model and friend Frida Kardeskog. Frida is a very talented makeup artist who we met at a beauty show in Stockholm 18 months ago. Since then she has become the 'face' of our nail products with her image appearing in advertising in the USA, UK, Sweden, Russia and Ukraine. Love you Frida!

Here are two more unedited shots.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Photo's with Alysa

We're back in Ukraine for a week, meeting with lawyers to complete the create of our new company here "OOO Iryna Giblett. "OOO" means that this is an incorporated company.

Still we have time to meet with our good friend Alysa. Alysa was one of my customers when I had my nail salon in Kiev, she's a makeup artist and was our first model for our nail photo's. A visit to Kiev can't pass without Alysa receiving some new nails from me and then a quick photo session with our other good friend, photographer Victor Medinsky. As always, we finish the session with a trip to a restaurant and a cocktail!