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Sam Biddle visits Sweden, May 2009

Sam Biddle - Be Inspired

We're delighted that Sam Biddle has agreed to visit Sweden and make a 4-day nail nail art workshop in Sweden! Sam is a Master Artist Educator for EZ Flow Systems, a national and international competition winner and her work has appeared on the covers of Scratch and NAILS magazines.

Sam is famous in the UK for her nail art workshops which are so popular they are usually sold-out.

A Smörgåsbord of Nail Art
Introducing... NEW to Sweden a colourful smörgåsbord of Nail art and design with Sam Biddle and Iryna Giblett

We invite you to come and join us and develop your skills, build on your creativity and increase profitability within your business, with these three unique master classes.

Utilize the benefits of nail art within your business, find out how you can make a profit from adding this simple service to your menu. Win new clients and keep old with a range of simple but effective designs using just paints and glitters. Iryna Giblett will guide you through the steps to make paint work for you, adding a little extra something on your finger tips.

Show off your talents and maximize individuality with Fantasy.

Learning some amazing product control with international competition winner and judge Sam Biddle from the UK, you can give your business a boost and make it stand out from the crowd. Learn how to improve your creativity and inspire your clients with some amazing art work.

Use gel, now you can try something different offering your clients an alternative to their regular looks. Give them a lift and try something different. Gel is a fantastic medium which if used correctly can produce stunning results. Now here is your chance to wow the crowds with Sam
Biddle's front cover look. Learn how to work with what you've got, creating an elegant and stylish look in the same time you would create a French.

These three creative colour master classes are developed for you to mix and match your learning. Each day we will hold three classes of approximately 3 hours, incorporating 2 full hours of practical application.

This new concept offers you a chance to choose which workshop suits you. Each class is run for 3 hours and all you need to do is book on the one which interests you. All material provided for each class, just pick up the phone and book your master class today. The price is only 600kr (approx. 60 €) per master class, or for the full smorgasbord menu of three 1500kr.

About the Instructors
Sam Biddle and Iryna Giblett are internationally recognized as two of Europe's leading nail artists. Sam Biddle is an international competition winner and Judge, with her successful brand Be inspired, Sam produces front cover looks and contributes to the industry as a whole with a wealth of knowledge in art and design. Helping techs get inspired sam produces DVD's and step by steps to bring back the colour and creativity into technicians work.

Iryna, is well known to Swedish nail techs for her regular nail art contributions to Naglar i Norden. She is also an international competition judge and opened the first nail art school in Sweden in 2008. Iryna's passion for nail design and talent to produce amazing images has produced an international reputation in a very short time. Her images have appeared in magazines and as front covers in four countries.

This mini road show of workshops will be held in;
  • 22nd May, Götebörg
  • 23rd May, Malmö
  • 24th May, Norrköping, and
  • 25th May, Stockholm

Minimum places available. To book your place send an email to and we will send you the payment instructions. On receipt of payment we will confirm your place.

  • Working with coloured gels: 08.30 to 11.30
  • Hand painted designs for salon customers : 12.30 to 15.30
  • Introduction to fantasy and acrylic sculpting : 16.00 to 21.00
Price: 600 kr per workshop or 1500 kr for all three.

For more information on Sam and Iryna's work, visit their websites: and

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