Saturday, February 14, 2009

Festival of Beauty in Moscow

A nice surprise arrived by email on Thursday. I received an invitation to help judge the nail competitions at the Festival of Beauty in Moscow from 25 to 28th of March. It's a honour to be asked and I'm delighted to accept.

I enjoy judging. It's an opportunity to see the work of some of the best nail tech's which I always find inspiring. It's also a chance for me to give something back to the industry that I love.

Judging is a serious business. Nail techs not only often travel great distances to attend a competition, but those few hours of competition are the sharp end of many months of work to refine and perfect their technique. This makes judging quite stressful as it's critical to concentrate and mark the nails to the best of your abilities, which is difficult especially when the standard is high and the differences between the best nails is extremely small.

The competition is being organized by the International Nail Experts School. This is a relatively new and very interesting organization that I'll describe in my next post.

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