Sunday, February 22, 2009

Photographic workshop with Sam Biddle

Bob and I have flown to the UK to meet Sam Biddle. Today we attended Sam's photographic workshop, then tomorrow and the day after Sam will give me some instruction on how she creates her fantasy designs.

The photographic workshop is designed to show nail techs how they can use simple compact cameras to create good images for their website or other marketing material. It isn't designed to teach you how to be a photographer, but more how to plan your image and use colour to create a specific mood. Sam does talk briefly about lighting and how to get the best from using flash.

After the instruction, Sam asked everyone to create a photographic concept and then produce the photo with our models and any accessories we wanted to use. After two hours we all chose our best photo's and then sat down to review these as a group.

Personally, I found the process of writing a creative plan quite frustrating. Perhaps to some extent this was due to the limited time we had which meant I was limited in the accessories that I could use. Also, my natural style is to be a bit more of an artistic free-thinker and for ideas to evolve during the process, rather that define the process at the start.

Bob found the process easier. His personality is much more logical and organized. In many ways I think this is why we work so well together as our personalities compliment each other. On the other hand he became very frustrated being forced to use a compact camera rather than his professional camera - at one point he wanted to throw my camera against the wall!

It was a very interesting day. We met some lovely people and we all had a lot of fun. Both Bob and I picked up some new ideas and information that we will find very useful. The most important of these is that in future we will plan our photos much more in the future. Thanks Sam!

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