Tuesday, May 20, 2014

New IKON.iQ Sculpting Gels : low heat in UV lamp, no pinching required, white gel applied in one layer!

IKON.iQ ONE One-Phase Gel
Developed due to customer requests in Germany, IKON.iQ ONE is a medium viscosity clear one-phase (base, builder and top) gel. Since the product launch in May, it’s become one of our best selling products.

Key features:

  • Medium viscosity that doesn’t run into the sidewalls of the nail.
  • Very clear look, not cloudy
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Low allergy risk ingredients
  • Competitive price for exceptional value when comparing both quality and performance 

IKON.iQ Ultimate Sculpting Gels
Unique to Iryna Giblett, the IKON.iQ Ultimate sculpting gels offer a performance that is unmatched by any other gel in the market today. Developed by our chemist and a team of Educators who have won more than 60 international competitions medals, the Ultimate gels were then extensively tested in our network of salons, Academies and at several top competitions - including Nailympics 2012 where our team won six Gold medals. 

There are six colours: Cool Clear, Neutral Pink, Cover Pink** (camouflage gel), Cover Pink*** (camouflage gel), Pure White and Champion White.

Key features:
  • Cool when curing in the UV lamp
  • Easy and precise application
  • White gels can be applied in one layer with great colour depth and no shadows
  • Champion White is we believe the brightest white gel on the market
  • No-pinch technology: it’s possible to create up to 50% c-curves without pinching. 
  • Excellent adhesion. One Nail Technician in Germany tried 16 different gels to try to find a solution for a problem client. The IKON.iQ gels were the only solution that worked without lifting.
  • Low allergy risk ingredients (hypoallergenic). Used by Nail Technicians that have developed allergies to other gel products. 

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