Sunday, May 5, 2013

Some people only eat burgers

This article isn't about food. It's about nail salons and why customers make different choices.

The meal on the left represents the typical low-cost salon. It's fast and convenient but as you add up the options it's not as cheap as you expected. The environment is noisy and there's a good chance you will have to wait in a queue behind people who don't know what they want, misplaced their purse or who think the server is there to provide conversation as well. Although you don't want to know what part of the animal was used to make the burger, you assume that because the authorities didn't close them down that the food is safe. Safe is a relative term. In most cases the authorities won't come until a customer becomes ill. And that customer may be you.

The meal on the right represents a high quality professional nail salon. Perhaps even award-winning and perhaps the chef is the actual owner, not part of a Quik-e-Nails franchise.

The beautifully presented meal is a tuna on watermelon whatsit. You know what the main ingredients are and you also know that the person who made this probably studied their craft for years. You are confident that the kitchen is clean and that the food is prepared safely (if you are not sure, go inspect their washrooms, it's probably a good indication)

As you arrived for your appointment, you were greeted and led to your table. The server presented a menu and was trained to give advice about both the food and wine offered to ensure your total satisfaction. Perhaps they asked if you had specific dietary requirements. The meal is beyond your expectations and the service is discrete but attentive. The restaurant has a nice calming ambiance, so that visiting it became a pleasurable event and perhaps a special memory.

When we travel, we prefer to save money on the hotel but spend more on a good meal and hopefully have a delightful culinary experience. That is our priority and choice.

But some people prefer burgers. Sometimes that's a question of price and affordability or convenience.  Perhaps they don't feel comfortable in restaurants or maybe they simply think a burger tastes better than any chef prepared meal. Another reason could be that they are not educated to understand the difference in quality, education, skill and service that creates a different kind of value.

Whatever. You are not going to change them. So don't waste your time or get frustrated trying to sell a cordon bleu meal created by a passionate professional to the burger eater. They don't want or understand it.

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