Tuesday, August 28, 2012

What level can be achieved in 3 years?

Imagine that you trained as a nail tech and just 3 years later you are the national gel nail champion and took 5th place at the World Championships in Germany with a score that was better than 17 other national champions - including the USA?

Along the way you started a successful salon, opened a widely respected nail school, became a product distributor and had your first child. Yet you still found time to develop your skills to an advanced level in all salon and nail art categories, and won the following titles:

2009 Open Independent Cup of Russia Championship (Russia)
• 3rd place in mixed-media nail art
• 4th place in gel sculpting

2009 Baltic Golden Hands International Nail Festival (Latvia)
• 3rd place in gel French sculpting

2010 International Olympic Competition for Nail Design (Estonia)
• 3rd place gel sculpted nails

2010 Baltic Beauty Nails (Latvia):
• 3rd place nail design
• 2nd place mixed-media nail art

2010 Open Independent Cup of Russia
• 1st place nail design (wedding theme)
• 5th place gel sculpted nails
• 4th place trend sculpted nails

2010 Baltic Golden Hands International Nail Festival (Latvia)
• 1st place gel French manicure
• 2nd place acrylic design
• 3rd place gel design
• 3rd place classic manicure

2011 International Beauty Show (Las Vegas)
• 3rd place 3D acrylic nail art

2011 Estonia National Competitions:
• 1st place in national gel sculpting competition

2012 Nailympics USA Competitions:
• 1st place in Div 3 (Masters) gel sculpting competition
• 1st place in Div 3 stiletto competition
• 1st place in Div 3 soak-off gel competition
• 1st place in Div 3 nail embellishment competition

It's enough to make you tired just to read this! But these achievements are real and owned by a remarkable nail technician called Viktoria Prihodko, who lives in the city of Tallinn in the small European country of Estonia (pop. 1.3 million). Because of her achievements and her superb skills in so many categories, Viktoria was promoted from Master Artist Educator to Global Educator for the Iryna Giblett Nail Academy. This is the ultimate accolade that we can offer, is by invitation only and must have the agreement of all other Global Educators.

This shows what is possible with dedication, hard work and great education. Iryna started to coach Viktoria two years ago when she became an Educator for our company, and she is one of a number of Educators who with Iryna's guidance have gone on to win national and international competitions.

Viktoria's website: www.irynagiblett.ee

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