Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Gellini in Kiev

It's been a long time since Bob and I made any nail photographs. But the weather in Kiev has been so wonderful during the last week that we thought it would be great fun to take some outdoor shots of our new Gellini gel nail polish.

We were helped by our good friend Alysa, who is also a professional make-up artist. Alysa is also a shoe monster and we can always rely on her to have interesting shoes for photographs! ;-)

All the photographs were taken on or around Independence Square in Kiev; the scene of the Orange Revolution in 2004. It's still a popular place for people to meet and sit in the sun. At weekends all traffic is banned, so you can walk around, browse shops or just take a slow coffee.


Monica Hansen said...

perfect red:)

rabbiem said...

the shoes looks as good as the nails job. I stayed at the same location last july and looking forward to my future visit to kiiv :)