Friday, April 23, 2010

Introducing - Oksana Kolishevskaya

This wonderful nail design was created by Oksana Kolishevskaya, an expert nail artist who owns three schools in Sumy, Krementscuk and Poltawa in Ukraine. Since February, Oksana and her colleagues are valued members of the Iryna Giblett Nail Academy and distribute our products through her schools.

Oksana's competition success includes:
  • 1st prize Kiev Cup 2005
  • 2nd prize Nail Design 2005
  • 1st prize Elena Maltseva competition
  • 1st prize 10 Championship 2006
  • 2nd prize Nevskie Berega, Russia
  • The Grand-Prix winner of Diamond Nails 2006
More of Oksana's work will feature in the next issue of ImagiNAILtion (

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