Wednesday, May 13, 2009

New Imaginailtion magazine

It was supposed to be a nail art book, packed with stunning photographs and nail art step-by-steps from some of the world's elite nail artists.

But books are expensive and the content becomes old as fashions change and new styles and techniques are introduced.

A magazine is affordable by nearly everyone and it allows us to publish four times a year and to keep our audience both educated and inspired. It's still packed with stunning photography and nail art from some of the best in the industry though ;-)

The people behind Imaginailtion are Iryna and Bob Giblett. During the last 18 months, this dynamic duo have been awarded six front covers on international nail magazines and Iryna's designs have been published in 14 articles in six countries - a remarkable achievement.

Passionate about nail art and the nail industry, Iryna and Bob have created Imaginailtion magazine to both Educate and Inspire. Nail techs the world over are tremendously creative people who love nail art, but unfortunately outside of Russia, Ukraine or Korea there are very few schools or artists that excel at this.

We've recruited some of our friends, elite nail artists and competition winners to help us. Visit the temporary website at : to see what's in the first issue.

We're excited and we sincerely hope that you will be to. We did it for you. Enjoy!

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