Thursday, December 11, 2008

Valentine nails using "putty technique"

When we were at the Beauty 08 exhibition in Stockholm back in October, Bob noticed a very attractive model who had entered in the make-up competition as Marylin Monroe. Realizing the potential for an interesting nail photograph, Bob spoke to her and she was delighted to help us!

Frida Kardeskog is a professional makeup artist who works in the entertainment industry and has worked on CD covers, fashion and TV.

We wanted the theme of the nail photo to be based on Marylin Monroe, and I decided to make some bright red stilettoes with a love theme.

As part of the design I wanted to have a heart shaped hole in each nail. Using an electric file clearly wouldn't work as the bottom of the heart had to be a sharp 'v'. I could have used a small file to create this, but to do ten nails would take a lot of time.

After some discussion with Bob, we came up with a new method that we now call the "Putty Technique". You can see the effect here:

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