Monday, October 20, 2008

Creating our own photographic studio

Until now, all of our nail design photographs have been produced in Kiev. We are lucky to have a wonderful friendship with professional photographer Victor Medinsky; and friends such as Alisa Kalagnova (makeup and model), Mariya Rodjkina (model) and Anastasia (model).

During 2008 we have visited Kiev three times and apart from the cost of flights and accommodation which we fund privately, we have come to realize that we also need the ability to make photographs in Sweden so that several designs can be produced each month.

This means we need to find local models, a makeup artist and setup our own photo studio. The last part is purely a question of cost, but during the last six months Bob has been buying lights, lenses and background material. He's also going to attend a short lighting course in a few weeks.

Having a local facility doesn't mean we will stop making photo's in Kiev. Bob freely admits that he isn't a professional photographer like Victor, and we will want to visit Kiev twice a year anyway to visit my parents and our friends.

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