Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The beginning....

Today I was married to Bob in Vaxholms church. Bob is English and we met by chance in Kiev when he visited on business in March. I and my son Andriy visited Sweden in August for a holiday and after Bob proposed to me, we stayed.

Vaxholm is a small seaside town just 30km (20 miles) north of the capital Stockholm. We had 28 guests including my parents and friends. We had six different nationalities as guests, so arranged a first meeting the night before at a pub in Stockholm that went very well.

After the wedding we had our wedding meal on a cruise ship to Finland. The ship left the harbour and stopped for several hours outside Stockholm, so at midnight we could all watch the New Year fireworks. It was wonderful!

Everyone on the ship was celebrating New Year and was happy, which made the whole evening even more magical for us.

During the last months I have started to learn Swedish at a local college and Andriy has started school. Moving to a new country is never easy - there is so much to learn and a different culture to understand. I hope that I can learn Swedish quickly so that I can start making nails again soon. I do miss my customers in Kiev and the satisfaction of creating their nails.

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